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Hello @giannaabs,

This sort of question often produces more questions than answers at first.  You may also wish to consider personal consulting support you can request here: Or for more in depth consulting here:

There may be several factors having an effect.  First we would ask; why did you reduce the water amount?  If the dough is much stiffer, it may simply be undermined, or developed.  Stiffer dough often needs more kneading.  Therefore; is your dough under mixed or under developed?  Another thing could be that extra friction of a stiffer dough generates too much heat.  Is your dough too warm?  By how much did you reduce the water?  Did you adjust anything else?  If your sugar and or salt levels are high, less water will concentrate this, and can leave the dough sticky.  What are your salt, sugar and other levels?

I realize this is more questions than answers, and hope it gives you something to get started with.  Please let us know how things develop.