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Hi @independant-consultant


Thank you for the explanation.  I’ll try soong method and see how it goes.

1. Please, assuming my flour is 50kgs,  what percentage of it do I use for the sponge.

2. Regarding flavours, we have, Nutmeg which is widely used by all bakeries already, we have thyme, gimger, fennel, coconut.  Please could these be combined at what percentage?

3. Moreso, I wish to adopt organic method in my commercial bread baking. Is ascobic acid or vitamin c tablets a good option for dough conditioning, and preservative when combined with ginger water extract and venigar?

4. If this is possible, what is the bakers percentage for ascorbic acid/vitamin c tablets, ginger wate and venigar.

Thank you in advance,


Looking forward to reading from you.