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Appreciate your input Mark! Very enlightening!

To answer your questions, 12 months was just an interim target as a lot of the intended ethnic grocery stores may not have the same supply chain as your big commercial chains. Fortunately I am not dealing with a manufacturing issue just yet (will be wholesale distributing this product next month), and was just looking for some tips on where I should focus so that I can maximize the benefits of my formulation.

But yes, I am using a chamber vacuum sealer so good to know that quickly sealing and freezing the raw dough balls will help. Seems that preservatives may not be the best way since I am not selling a shelf stable product, however I wonder what standard “best by” date is for raw dough that doesn’t contain preservatives or yeast? Looks like 90-180 days seems to be the general timeframe.

I will be incorporating the ascorbic acid as it may help with after thawing as you suggested, and will carry out some sensory tests with the family ?. I saw from one of Dr. Lins videos that AA doesn’t help with parbaked dough (my second product mentioned in this thread, so I will hold off on that.

Love this forum!!