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Hi Dr Lin,


Thank you for your prompt response! Could I ask, what do you mean by fix the absorption and pan flow problem? Some of the edges are dark in some trials, some are light (as shown in the 2 different photos as they were taken at different times). I have conducted many trials, trying to alter the different ratios of my ingredients to fix the hole issue but regardless of a firmer or slacker dough, it still has that hole at the bottom.

Yes, I do de-pan immediately as well.
My flour has not changed, I use a 12-13% protein bread flour for the dough.
As for the strength issue part, what do you mean? I have tried using chemical emulsifiers in the product (SSL, DMG) at varying concentrations but doesn’t seem to help much. I even increased the gluten % to try and give the dough more strength as well. No oxidisers are used. Its a basic flour, sugar, fat, water, skim milk powder, gluten, bread improver, emulsifier, salt, yeast recipe.

Could I ask if the size of the dough in the pan will affect this issue? E.g. filling the dough to be 60-70% area vs 90-100% area of the burger bun? I also want an even rise in the buns instead of them doming.
What about scaling weight of the dough in the bun pan?
Will proof time also affect it? Overproofing – will it cause excessive oven spring that pulls the buns?

Really struggling to identify the cause of the issue and hope for your kind advice 🙂 Thank you once again for the patience and help.