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Hello @sensient-technologies1,

  1. Green Dough is an expression bakers use in reference to a dough that has not had sufficient bulk fermentation, or if it was underproofed before baking.  Insufficient bulk fermentation may leave the gluten too tense, not as extensible, and this may contribute to the concave event.
  2. If the buns are left on the hot pan they continue to bake, or cook, and then will pull inward seeking more moisture.  Leaving them on the pan too long may also cause sweating on the bottoms.
  3. To better understand your description of holes, it would help to see a picture.
  4. Too high a temperature might be a possibility.  The dough starts to set on the outside before it is finished rising, and pulls and expands at the weakest points.
  5. As for the buns not “sitting” on the pans, may be your process.  Typical manual process would be to divide the dough in to heads, or bulk quantities, for the bun divider.  Cover and bulk ferment.  Then punch down and use the bun divider to divide and round.  If the divider does not round, then round by hand.  Cover and rest 10 minutes, then final shaping and panning.

If you can, please share a picture with us to better understand what these “holes” look like.  It may be a clue to the cause.