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@isams123 our pleasure.  This is what the BAKERforums are for.

For proofing the temperature would be the same, for the pizza crust you are producing, less humidity would be needed.  70-80% R.H. Would work well.  Your proof may not be very long, and you just do not want it to dry out.

Yes, I am sure you can purchase stone hearth sheets for a revolving shelf oven.  I have not dealt with this in over 20 years and do not know where you can find these commercially.  It can get quite expensive.  Hopefully the community can help!

If the bakery you locate bakes breads or pizza directly on a Steele hearth in a shelf oven, you might want to test that first before committing to a big investment.  As for finding a bakery, it can be a challenge especially in these socially distant times.  Networking through local business groups can be very helpful.  What region are you located in?  If I have some contacts there, perhaps I can refer you for support.

Please do keep the questions coming!  Community; please share your experiences as well.  Thanks!!