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Thank you so much for your answers, I truly appreciate it. For proofing, what would you recommend for a normal frozen pizza that has spices as a topping instead of meat/cheese (my product is closer to frozen pizza than foccacia dough, I see your recommendation was based on foccacia dough, sorry I miscommunicated). Another question, can a hearth baking surface be installed to a revolving shelf oven? I guess I would need to buy those separately for each shelf? (I plant to use that oven since it is much bigger). And yes, I plan on par-baking, cooling for couple of ~5 mins, inputting toppings, then wrapping, then immediately blast chilling.

To answer your question, I do not plan on custom building a plant since my product is not unique – it is a frozen pizza with spices on top instead of cheese and meat. When I start selling at a national level I will possibly plan on seeking investors and building my own plant.

Another question; to confirm the exact capacity and move production from house kitchen to commercial so I can begin selling, I am seeking an experienced production baker with experience in the dough/frozen pizza operations. Where can I find such production bakers? any resources you recommend?