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Hello @jeanpaul!

I’ll try to help answer your questions.  The article you are referencing can be found here:

For fruits, the application is mostly with dry fruit, such as raisins etc.  AMG is used together with a solid type fat to coat the fruit.  This provides a mostite barrier, and prevents the fruit from clinging together.  The low melt point  and high stability of AMG ensures there is no waxy mouthfeel, and can be melted easily with warm water to allow for plumping when needed in baked goods applications.

In baked goods AMG would most commonly be found in combination with other emulsifiers for whipping cake batters.  Because AMG is so stable, the first shelf life opportunity is in dry cake mixes for retail or commercial.  There is often a lot of heat generated during blending, and some other fat based emulsifiers do not have the same stability, and might go rancid before the desired target shelf life.  In a baked cake or icing, the AGM in essence lends stability to the fat and extends shelf life.

Does this answer your query, or is there something more specific you wish to know?