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Hi Lin.
Thank you for getting back to me. I am doing testing right now using 680 g
dough balls of “All Trumps” high gluten flour. Protein 14.2% – Ash 0.56% –
Moisture 14.0% * NOT BLEACHED – NOT BROMATED. I have come across a company
by the name of LALLEMAND who advertises a few products I am interested in
learning more about, INSTAFERM 03, FERMAID SR & SSR and ESSENTIAL ER but
they do not respond to my emails nor to voicemails I have left lately. If I
incorporate L-Cysteine into my dry ingredients, would that produce the
results I am seeking? I appreciate any and all information you can provide
me. I am desperately trying to improve my Pizza dough characteristics. Thank
you for your assistance!!

Thank you,