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Hello Mark and Dr. Lin

A belated thank you, Mark, for the photos of the cake you tested for me and the details.  I was happy to hear Dr. Lin weigh in on your Forum Friday (8/14 I think) live stream where she said cake in a can would be good for camping.  I hadn’t thought of that myself but come to think of it, especially during this pandemic a lot of big city families have taken to camping.  It’s not as risky as staying in a hotel but still allows them to get away from the city.  So I think marketing to campers is a great idea.   Anyway, I’ve been busy baking my apple carrot cake and giving it away for people to taste and give me feedback.

Besides spending a lot of time on Bakerpedia , I’ve also been all over the internet trying to find a pressure canner.  Before I started seriously searching, I thought that pressure cookers and pressure canners were the same thing with two different names.  Turns out that they are two different things.  We have pressure cookers in Japan, but not pressure canners.  So I’ve had to turn to Amazon USA, but the pressure canners approved by USDA and still affordable to me are all out of stock.

・・・ I think I finally found one on a Japanese site and it let me finish the transaction without getting interrupted with the  “currently unavailable” notice.  It ships from the US and takes 3 weeks! I’ll report back to you after I get the canner and do some tests.

Thanks for everything.