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Hello @jgikegami,

Sorry for keeping you waiting!  I made up about a 1/2 recipe of your apple-carrot cake.
The main suggestion I have for you is to use a whisk attachment and whip the eggs and sugar, adding the oil, and then the milk to create an emulsion.  It takes about 6-8 minutes of whipping in the small quantity I made.  This provides more aeration and makes for good batter flow for depositing.
For apples sauce I cooked some apples in the microwave with a little water and vanilla, and then pureed them.  I would say it was a slightly thick apple sauce.  For the carrot I grated the carrots on a food processor, and then copped them briefly with the food processor blade on pulse a few times.
I used four 3-inch (7.5 cm) stainless steel rings and one 7-inch cake pan for depositing the batter.  I did not weigh them before baking, and just filled the rings 3/4 full and the rest in the cake pan. After baking the average weight was 94g each, average height was 30mm.  Density is about 0.7.
This makes for a tasty and very moist product, that is like a light pudding.
You can see the adjustments I made in the attached recipe.
I would also suggest to reduce the amount of apple and carrot to obtain a more cake-like texture.
Here is a link to a Google Drive Folder with photos for you.

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