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Hi Mark,

I can’t thank you enough for your detailed explanations.  I’m starting to see baking through a whole different lens.

If you have some patience, next week I will try testing your recipe with a whipped egg method and report back to you with pictures and details.            Yes, yes! I’ve got patience!

Yesterday, I was in a hurry to give my cake to an elderly couple who was visiting (I’m trying to get feedback from all age groups) so I halved the recipe I posted earlier but this time I reduced the grated carrots to 100g as per your suggestion to decrease the carrots to fittingly name it apple-carrot cake.  I weighed the eggs (2) and sure enough they were about 50g each without the shell.  I beat the eggs more than I usually do. I had intended to do the batter density test as you explained but in my haste, by the time I realized it I had already poured the batter into the molds. The results were a much lighter cake than usual.

I’m all for natural preservation by increasing sugar content but then it would probably be too sweet for my customer base,not that I’ve done any official taste preference monitoring, though.

About the cooking process, I intend to deposit batter into can, bake in can, seal it, and then do retort sterilization.  My understanding is that the baking itself is a kill step for pathogens, but not of spores that could potentially grow in sealed cans devoid of any oxygen.  So even after baking and seaming the can as soon as it is out of the oven, the only way to make it commercially shelf stable is by sterilizing it at 120℃ for a minimum of 4 minutes.   Under Japanese food laws anything with pH of less than 4.6 and  aW of less than 0.94 can be pasteurized at regular temperatures.

As per your suggestion, my next test will be to deposit the batter into the cans, skip the baking part, and go directly into retort.  I’ll be shopping online for a pressure cooker so I can do testing at home.  My nearest university extension lab is a one-way 3 hour drive from where I live and when I calculate gasoline and highway tolls and lab fees, it’s just cheaper to invest in a good pressure cooker so I can do tests at home.

Thank you for the spreadsheet!