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Hello Mark – thank you for the input, I really appreciate it. I also watched your Live Stream today. This is a frozen pizza, hydration is at 74.9% and olive oil 6.3%…with flour protein at 10% All-purpose Gold Medal Unbleached.

I par-bake it at 450 F for 5 minutes before it is frozen. Quick and hot like you and Dr. Lin refer to.

With low protein content, high hydration and olive oil in dough, I am surprised that texture still comes out dry and chewy after baking the frozen pizza.  That’s why I always thought it was the olive oil.

I will try increasing to 80% hydration (but maybe thats too much?) or using half softer flour and will see how that will play out..Is that more common for frozen pizzas? once again, my current measurements come out great with no dryness/chewyness if baked fresh…but since it is frozen, I face this issue. So maybe different flour / hydration level for freezing needed.

Thanks a lot!!!