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Almond flour is the most common gluten-free flour replacement BUT it is the highest in oxalate as well as the worst in omega 6-3 ratio, meaning for everyday consumption, an almond-flour based recipe is likely not going to do much good to health although one has gotten rid of gluten.

Usually I replace flour content in a recipe with a mix of :

-30% golden flax seeds (to give bounciness). It needs ground ginger to cancel out its taste. Most people use either  husk but I find it blocks my throat (choking) and hard on my gut (can’t process it). different brands may turn the entire bread into purple (yikes), plus recipe heavy with husk tends to have a gummy wet middle that required further slicing/toasting. So in general I skip husk all together. Brown flax seeds can do similiar function but taste a lot bitter and makes a bread has speckles. Therefore golden flax meal/seeds is my favorite.

-30%hemp hearts (to reduce carbs content). currently produced in Canada, but USA has legalized it (because it is of a similar plant to weed so the government need to regulate its growth in order to not get mixed with marijuna). It needs garlic powder to mask its grassy/nutty taste. Some recipe would not be suitable so I use Sesame flour (grind toasted or untoasted white sesame seeds myself)

-30% almond flour (as structure, never more than 30% of all dry ingredients in weight)

-10% coconut flour (as an absorbant, usually take less than 10% of dry ingredients). It is a waste product from coconut milk production, so the fiber “flour” has a nasty sandy mouthfeel and once you use too much, user can detect it on their tongue and spit out the whole thing. If used as a majority ingredients, it needs a ridiculous amount of eggs to counteract it.

-(Minority use) tapioca or arrowroot starch (for some really thin crepes that needs the starch for extra stretchiness at very thin gauge)

-1% gum: xanthum gum or gum Arabic as a binder

-baking powder (double that of the recipe or use baking soda and citric acid for a more power lift of these heavier flour)

Additive and taste neutralizer:

-ground ginger powder

-garlic and onion powder




All gluten free flour (homemade) needs to be grinded down even if the product is already “meal” to yield a finer mouthfeel