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I think effects of steam injection are more scientific than culinary especially the shine I have been trying to relate the formation of dextrins from gelatinisation of starch and the optical rotation of light.

  1. When starch is gelatinised it gives a fluid  of low viscosity  which is optically active causing rotary polarization(carbohydrates are known for their property to rotate plane polarised light to different lanes because of its asymmetric carbon atoms in their structures this causes polarisation control which is important in imaging
  2. Our eye lens are polarised and so the polarised reflection reduces glare, improves contrast,  reduces hot spots (highly reflective portions of the field with in a more diffuse reflecting field )
  3. I don’t know so much about bread volume but what I know it gives bread extra minutes in the oven to rise before the expansion is limited by the hardened crust so a better volume
  4. You may find that these things are not included because they were kinder complicated to explain but it doèsnt deny the idea the fact that it works