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Double acting baking powders have varying compositions. Many larger commercial operations will use components for cost and reaction control, rather than a baking powder blend. Baking powder always has sodium bicarbonate as the main component. Usually there is a carrier buffer in most blends that is a starch. In the US it is usually corn starch. The double acting comes from the type of leavening acids used, their ratio to the sodium bicarbonate, rate of reaction (ROR), and neutralizing value NV. Common phosphates include sodium acid pyrophosphate, also known as SAPP, mono calcium phosphate, also known as MCP, and sodium aluminum phosphate, also known as SALP. There is no actual aluminum in the salt per say. It is a natural occurring mineral that is synthesized today for food and other applications. In high doses SALP is a diarrhetic sometimes used in colonoscopy prep.
Aluminum ore is extracted from bauxite.