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let us start with bread and specifically volume
1 hydration :the amount of water available for glutenin to form the gluten structure poor hydration rates can result in poor bread volume as over hydration can weaken the gluten structure and its air retention properties .then under hydration leads to a stiff dough with poor dough properties especially extensibility and elasticity therefore dough volume will be greatly affected.

2 fermentation and mixing technique:in the chorelywood method mixing is done at high speed and gluten development is accomplished without fermentation therefore fermentation will just damage it.then with the short,improved fermentation is important to develop the gluten structure and improve its gas retention properties then intensive is almost like the former little fermentation or no fermentation is required because the gluten structure is fully developed then over mixing,under mixing,over fermentation,and under fermentation have the same negative effect

3 wheat flour (strong and the weak flours) the type is determined by the quantity and quality of the gluten proteins and we would expect better bread volume in strong flour and vice versa. then with the whole wheat flour contains bran so it also affects the gluten structure and its dough gas retention properties

4 proofing: over proofing can cause can weaken thee gluten structure due to over fermentation and under proofing has this direct effect on bread volume like little volume oven spring aint so much effective in leavening bread because there is this shrink after baking so it has that direct impact.

5 baking: contributes to leavening of bread during the oven spring so we will take it as being good for the volume of bread

6 scaling; this is also important in that you must be cautious of the proportions of some ingredients for example sugar fat they also have impact on gluten development sugar being hygroscopic it suffocates the gluten proteins from the water and fat interferes with the uncoiling of the gluten strands

just to mention defatted soy flour gives bread a bigger structure than expected so you get a smaller portion of the dough and then you get bigger bread though am not sure of the science behind
perhaps its all i cAN say for volume and we discuss each in particular