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Puratos develops innovative ingredients and solutions for bakers, patissiers and chocolatiers around the world. These are the three pillars on which we have built our company. Although closely related, each pillar requires specific knowledge and expertise, combined with continuous investments in innovation.

Using the latest science and technology, we create new opportunities to help our customers be more successful in their business with the goal of being your “reliable partners in innovation.”

Facts & Figures

  • Products and services available in more than 100 countries
  • Subsidiaries in 69 countries
  • 59 production units in 43 countries
  • 7600 employees in the world
  • 2.2% of revenue invested in research and development
  • 69 Innovation Centers worldwide
  • 982 R&D researchers and technical adviser

Puratos - commercial bread baking


We invented the first complete bread improver, T500 in 1953, in an effort to help bakers better manage and control the result of their final product. We are constantly introducing new products and technologies to help our customers grow their business by providing them with consistent quality and peace of mind.

Texture Solutions

There are different ways to influence bread texture: ingredients, baking process and specific texture solutions. At Puratos, we created a range of modular functional ingredients to influence texture, namely our Intens range. Based on our latest enzyme technologies, this line enables bakers to differentiate the texture of products in terms of short bite, softness, moistness and resiliency. The solutions can be used on top of their existing formula which allows bakers to change one specific characteristic without reformulating the entire recipe. It is also possible to combine systems to customize the required texture.

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Fermentation Flavors

Sapore is Puratos’ range of  ready-to-use natural bakery flavors based on natural fermentation  and are available in both liquid and powder. Developed with our innovative natural fermentation process, we want to capture the taste of traditional breads with these ready-to-use flavors, including sourdoughs and sponge. Sapore offers a unique taste profile for all bread applications and is easy and convenient to use.

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Commercial production of corn bread muffins.


With our products, customers can easily master the interactions between a concepts base, filling and decoration. With the creation of the first Puratos cake mix in 1919, we provided unknown production consistency and thus launched a history of research that led to major innovations to better serve our customers.

Ingredient Synergy

Puratos unique expertise allows us to marry ingredients perfectly!

We excel in not only cake mixes but in fillings, toppings, glazes and chocolate. Our R&D teams study the interaction of ingredients so we can work alongside our customers to develop the perfect concept to bring to today’s consumers. This knowledge also brings our customers piece of mind with unique flavors, extended shelf-life and stability you cannot find elsewhere.

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At Puratos, we are passionate about chocolate. Our mission is to deliver great-tasting, innovative chocolate solutions combined with the absolute peace of mind our customers expect from us. An extensive range of great-tasting chocolate items is available to you, with claims ranging from 100% sustainable, organic, Fairtrade to ‘Made in Belgium’ (branded Belcolade).

Our real chocolate, compound coatings and inclusions can be used in a variety of applications in bakery, patisserie and chocolate.

Compound Chocolate

Outstanding quality, made perfectly simple

The Carat range is our premium line of hard and soft compound chocolates offering a variety of innovative chocolate solutions. Carat offers a wide selection of multipurpose and application-specific compound coatings for:

  • moulding
  • enrobing
  • decorations
  • making hollow figures

Carat decoration creams provide the ultimate in user-convenience for the decoration of cakes, biscuits and patisserie products. Each cream is ready-to-use and sets at room temperature, producing the desired clean-cut through the product. The Carat range also includes some compound chocolate chips in various sizes and flavors. These chips can be used in a variety of applications for decoration or inclusion.

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