Consultation Team


Are you having an issue with a new equipment? Can’t understand why your waste levels are on the rise? Having crumbly texture and mold issues? We can fix that! Our expert team of consultants will come visit your plant to find reliable solutions.

This package covers one day on site.


Our team of bakery and food experts will spend time on site with you, problem solving with personal solutions.

  1. Purchase the consultation package
  2. We’ll get in touch to learn more about your issues and situation
  3. Our team will coordinate a time for a consultant to come on site for a day
  4. In addition to the cost of the package, there will be a $600 travel fee per trip,  flight and travel expenses 



The Consultants

Dr. Lin Carson, BAKERpedia

Dr. Lin Carson

The inability to get technical questions solved on the internet has led Dr. Lin Carson, CEO of BAKERpedia, to her goal of building the world’s biggest baking encyclopedia. Dr. Carson is a bakery expert and a regular speaker within the commercial baking industry. A graduate of Kansas State University and Ohio State University, Dr. Carson has over 20 years in the baking and food industry, building technical service teams and programs. With past experiences at Wendy’s Int’l and Dave’s Killer Bread, Dr. Carson is now helping commercial bakers across the world streamline their quality processes to minimize waste and increase efficiencies.


David Fliss

With over 30 years in the baking industry, David has shared his expertise with some of the biggest names in the global food industry. While attending college in Florida, David opened up his first bakery called “Bagel World Deli & Pizza.” It was developed into a successful 10 location restaurant chain which was sold in 1993. David went on to become one of the foremost authorities in the baking industry as he worked for one of the larger bakery ingredient manufacturers for 23 years. As a specialist in bagels, pizza, tortillas and flatbread, David turned his attention to sales, marketing, and business development. As Vice President of Sales & Marketing, David managed 8 direct reports, a sales & marketing team of 85 people globally, and over $185 Million USD in yearly revenue. Now, he shares his passion by helping others as President of Bakers Support.


Barbara Bufe HeidolphBarbara Bufe Heidolph

Barbara Bufe Heidolph is recognized as the global expert for chemical leavening and chemically leavened products. She’s been in the baking and food industry for over 30 years as a key scientist for Monsanto / ICL Group and Innophos, the largest manufacturers of chemical leavening agents. In a technical role she has provided customer support, allowing rapid formulation of new product, quality improvement of existing products and cost optimization. She’s been involved with the creation of new compounds and applications. Heidolph holds patents in the area of leavening. She has published informational and investigational articles and is often sought out by editors as a reliable technical source of information. Currently, she’s an independent consultant focused on Innovation, Formulation and Commercial Development in the Food, Beverage and Health Industries.


Dr. Jayne Bock, Wheat Marketing CenterDr. Jayne Bock

Dr. Jayne Bock recently joined the Wheat Marketing Center as the Technical Director. She established herself as an industry expert in flour and dough quality testing as an adjunct professor at the University of Guelph before joining C.W. Brabender Instruments as their Global Technical Leader. Jayne has published refereed publications covering topics including wheat and flour quality, dough rheology, gluten structure-function, and the influence of bran on product structure and quality in whole grain products. She has worked extensively with wheat breeders, agronomists, producers, millers and food processors on collaborative projects in the pre-competitive space. Her focus is at the interface of academia and industry to find solutions for emerging issues across the market value chain.



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