Pitching a Loaf Podcast

Dr. Lin Carson dives into the big questions surrounding bread and the baking industry—from her experiences of a 90 day bread diet, to the key issues bread bakers encounter, to industry trends and tips. Together with her co-hosts Dave Dahl, founder of Dave’s Killer Bread, and Puratos’ David Dublawe, she talks with experts, suppliers and bakers. So go grab some bread and get ready for some excellent insight into the world of bread!

The final results are in! After a loaf a day for 90 days, Dr. Lin Carson shares her final weight and levels. Did she gain 20 pounds like everyone thought she would, or was her hunch right that a diet full of bread isn’t as terrible as people think? Read More

There’s no question about it: consumers want a cleaner and simpler label. Although many chemicals have GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) status from the FDA, people want them out of bread. But don’t worry bakers! There are natural alternatives out there to make your bread delicious as ever! Read More

Could sourdough be the lean, clean savior of the bread industry? Dr. Lin Carson thinks so. Along with Dave Dahl, she addresses what many bakeries may be experiencing: as delicious and popular as sourdough is, it can be a headache! Between time, scheduling, need for skilled labors, and the cost of destroying a starter, it’s no small feat. But not an impossible one. Read More

Ah, shelf life: one of the most important, yet challenging aspects of baking. Dr. Lin Carson and Dave Dahl dive into the two sides of the shelf-life coin: mold and staling. Lin suggests using ingredients like sugar or honey to make bread softer longer, while also inhibiting mold. But baking time and temperature are also key. Read More

Pitching a Loaf is on the road! Today’s episode comes to you from the Johnson and Wales International Bread Symposium. Dr. Lin Carson and co-host, David Deblauwe of Puratos, bring on founder Peter Reinhart to learn just why the world needs an academic platform to discuss bread. Read More

Summer is coming. And for most of us bakers, that means more issues with mold. Further extending product shelf life is something we all strive for. But what’s the best and safest way? Dr. Lin Carson and Dave Dahl reveal some of the things they’ve done to keep mold at bay, from cultured wheat to deep cleaning. Read More

Do you know what’s happening in your oven? You should, your bakery could be doing a lot better. That’s the lesson one baker shares with Dr. Lin Carson and David Deblauwe on today’s show. For years, their large-scale bakery had been experiencing 10-15% waste in bread products. Now, they have it down to 2%. How? Read More

Yeast is something you don’t want to mess around with when baking bread. As Dr. Lin Carson and Dave Dahl discuss today, having quality, reliable yeast is a big part of bread production. But not all fermentation has to do with yeast. Read More

The texture of bread is no crummy matter. Dr. Lin Carson and co-host David Deblauwe pick the mind of two guests who know a thing or two about texture. One comes from a long line of bakers, five generations to be exact. Scott Baker is president of 5 Generation Bakers. Read More

What is it about bread that makes it stand out? How do you turn a few common ingredients into a unique, mouth-watering product? According to today’s co-host David Deblauwe, who heads Puratos’ sourdough flavors and marketing in North America, a huge part is perfecting and being creative with…flavor! Read More

A week into a loaf a day, and problems arising already? Dr. Lin Carson tells Dave Dahl that 6 days into her challenge she began experiencing some pain that sounded a lot like gluten inflammation. The culprit? Sodium. You may not know it, but bread has a lot of sodium. Read More

Bread is bad for you. You’re going to get fat. You shouldn’t eat all that gluten. These comments came from all directions as Dr. Lin Carson started her journey of eating a loaf a day, for 90 days (yeah, you read that right). Today she is joined by Dave Dahl, founder of Dave’s Killer Bread, to discuss why bread is getting a bad rap. Although it’s bursting with good energy and nutrients, fake news is feeding the idea that bread and gluten are the bad guys. Read More