Pitching a Loaf Podcast: S1E4 Texture of Bread

The texture of bread is no crummy matter. Dr. Lin Carson and co-host David Deblauwe pick the mind of two guests who know a thing or two about texture. One comes from a long line of bakers, five generations to be exact. Scott Baker is president of 5 Generation Bakers.

He has transformed his family-run retail store bread business into an online presence, selling his round loaves in 26 states, plus a few places internationally. He shares the difficulties of baking with Pullman pans, the importance of fermentation for texture, and how you can upscale production while staying true to your product.

However, before you can expand your line, the product texture must be correct and consistent. How? Vital Wheat Gluten. Brook Carson, VP of Product Development and Marketing for Manildra, stops by to discuss how wheat proteins can provide extensibility, volume, and the right bite or chew. If you want to get your bread through production, packaging, shipping, sitting on a grocery shelf, into a house and on a plate waiting to buttered—without crumbling apart, then don’t miss this resilient conversation!

Today’s sponsor is Manildra—the leading supplier and innovator in wheat gluten and starches. Their vital wheat gluten, GenPro 3300, helps you dial in the volume and texture you’re looking for.

Follow Dr. Carson’s bread eating journey at EatBread90.com!

Scott Baker

Scott Baker

Brook Carson

Brook Carson










Co-Host: David Deblauwe
Guests: Scott Baker, 5th Generation Bakers and Brook Carson, Manildra
Bread Eaten: Dave’s Killer Bread Honey Oats and Flax, Grand Central Baking Company Rye Sourdough and Ciabatta Loaf, Alvarado St.Bakery Diabetic and Sonoma Sun Sprouted bread, Sara Lee Artesano, Franz Organic 100% Whole Wheat
Podcast Studio: Bigfoot Podcast Network


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