What is it about bread that makes it stand out? How do you turn a few common ingredients into a unique, mouth-watering product? According to today’s co-host David Deblauwe, who heads Puratos’ sourdough flavors and marketing in North America, a huge part is perfecting and being creative with…flavor!

David grew up in Belgium where he started baking at 12-years-old. He sheds light on the difference between the bread experience in Europe and North America, and how travel is influencing bread flavor in the U.S. And he brings up an interesting point—while white bread sales are staying flat, artisan loaves are on the rise.

One bakery that knows a thing or two about artisan bread is Grand Central Baking Company. Founded in Seattle and spreading to the Portland area, this family business prides itself in hand crafting quality loaves, rich in flavor. Grand Central’s Brian Denning, head baker in Portland, joins us to share a few inside tips on the secret to quality sourdough and how Grand Central Baking Company combines artisan craftsmanship and automation.

This delicate balance is a growing issue for many bakeries around the world. How do you speed up your process yet still maintain that human touch needed for artisan breads? The bakers discuss this, and reveal the best automated equipment for bakeries just starting out.

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Co-host: David Deblauwe, Puratos
Guest: Brian Denning, Grand Central Baking Company
Podcast Studio: Bigfoot Podcast Network
Bread eaten: Dave’s Killer Bread Good Seed, Oroweat Double Grain and Whole Wheat, Franz Bakery 9 Grains and 100% Whole Wheat, Alvarado St. Bakery Sonoma Sun, Klosterman’s Organic Whole Wheat and Raisin Cinnamon bread, Puratos Croquelin and Birotes, Grand Central Baking Company Campagnolo, Peasant Loaf and Multigrain Whole Wheat.