• Hello Mark, Dr. Lin, and all

    I am sorry for not posting an update much sooner.  I can’t believe that it’s been four months since I was last on here.  Where does time go?  We finally finished picking our last apples off the trees and have started processing them into apple sauce, apple butter, and apple juice.  All the while I have been work…[Read more]

  • Hello Mark and Dr. Lin

    A belated thank you, Mark, for the photos of the cake you tested for me and the details.  I was happy to hear Dr. Lin weigh in on your Forum Friday (8/14 I think) live stream where she said cake in a can would be good for camping.  I hadn’t thought of that myself but come to think of it, especially during this pandemic a l…[Read more]

  • Hello Mark,

    I was hoping around on Bakerpedia and I just discovered the podcast you did last week and was happy to hear you bring up my cake in a can project and invite others to join in the conversation!

    I came here to thank you for that and noticed your post above.  Were you able to do a test?  Can’t wait to hear your feedback.

    I’m also looki…[Read more]

  • Hi Mark,

    I can’t thank you enough for your detailed explanations.  I’m starting to see baking through a whole different lens.

    If you have some patience, next week I will try testing your recipe with a whipped egg method and report back to you with pictures and details.            Yes, yes! I’ve got patience!

    Yesterday, I was in a hurry to giv…[Read more]

  • Mark,

    thank you for your reply and for your questions that point me to what I don’t know and need to find out.  You are correct: I want to sell more apple sauce in another format.  Apple sauce is almost unheard of in Japan, so I think that now is the right time to introduce it as an ingredient in baking–and hopefully this will lead to i…[Read more]

  • Zziwa, thank you for taking time to reply.  Here is the recipe that I’ve been using in my home kitchen.  If anything it’s a little too dense so maybe I should reduce the amount of carrots?  I’d appreciate your input on the recipe itself first.

    My plan is to bake in the can (180-200g), seam the can, and do pasteurization.  I spoke to a uni…[Read more]

  • Hello Dr. Lin and Bakers

    Just a brief introduction about myself.  I’m an apple grower in Japan, and I have a small factory that processes the apples into applesauce and apple butter.

    I have a home recipe for carrot cake that uses apple sauce and I want to develop it for a commercial canned product.  I have found a cannery that will do a very s…[Read more]