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    I am sharing on behalf of a friend I am assisting.  All Purpose Cake Company produces mini cakes that are about single to 2 portion size.https://allpurposecakeco.com/

    The unique aspect is that they are Keto, somewhat by default.  The cakes are gluten free, sugar free, and dairy free, to address several food sensitivity challenges the creators are passionate about.

    They are currently in a growth challenge of scaling up from small batches to more efficient production, while staying true to all the “free from” requirements, quality, texture, and taste.  Besides processing methods, the initial bigger challenge is ingredient sourcing, as they move from household practice to commercialization.  There is so much available, and it becomes one of thoses who you know situations.  Some large producers will not deal with smaller startups directly, but quite often their distributors will.  I wont get in to all the specifics of the ingredients here, but in this particular case some of them are not standard bakery ingredients accessible from Bakemark or similar.  Some are retail products, for which there will need to be some recon and testing to find a good match.  Working with suppliers is the key to success in these situations.  Suppliers want to see you succeed, so they can sell you more stuff and succeed as well.  Some producers will work with you to help solve challenges and get you started, then refer you to a distributor for access to purchasing in smaller quantities initially.  Small quantities often means 50 pound packages or 1,000 pound pallets, and less in some specialized potent products.

    One supply source needed to start with is powdered egg whites.  Ideally if anyone knows of a distributor in the PNW who carry Micheal Foods Products.  this would help greatly.

    Occasionally I use UL Prospector on line to find certain ingredients or supplier.  It can be a useful resource.

    The main ingredients in this concept are egg whites, monk fruit, erythritol, hazel nuts, soy milk, vegetable fat, dried fruit and natural flavor concentrates.

    Please contribute your thoughts and ideas.  Thanks!


    • Hi
      I used SP emulsifier in cakes and request to used 2.5% for total wight of sugar ,Flour And eggs and good results

      But when i to try to replace SP emulsifier to kosher surfax emulsifier request to used 2.5% for wight of flour
      When I start mixing is very bad results.
      But when I used same amount of old recipes just I replaced SP to surfax emulsifier

      My question if just replace same amount of SP to surfax emulsifier
      Any health problems or hazards to customers.

      • Hello @ahmed – It would be best for you to start a thread on this under Cake Processing questions. Please clarify what SP Emulsifier is and provide ingredient composition. I have not heard of it, and it is likely a regional brand. Also confirm the brand and composition of the surfax emulsifier in your question when you post. If i remember correctly, most surfax emulsifier require very cool or cold ingredients.