• Not keen on gluten free, usually replaced with pro-inflammatory ingredients, which is worse for people that don’t suffer from gluten intolerance issues. I’ll stick to sourdough breads retarded over 16 hours in a cold fridge, however, I look forward to this program.

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    seems I can’t post

  • Did not work pastry until I left school, worked banquets, prep and helped out on line while at school. It was a sous chef, Mark at White Oaks Resort & Spa who also did pastry on the side, he had entered into a few pastry competitions and won a few that was sort of the chocolate shavings on the cake that pushed into the sweet side of the kitchen.…[Read more]

  • Went to cooking school some time ago near Niagara Falls, thinking I would benefit from learning how to cook, had a few paid jobs working in a kitchen, so I thought why not go all the way. Like an idiot I turned up for the first baking class with measuring cups! Worked in a resort kitchen while at cooking school and when school finished I thought I…[Read more]

  • Missed the pizza dough demo, life can get in the way at times. Never written in the forms, here goes first time.

    As a rule make a poolish using a hint of dry yeast. I find making pizza dough with commercial yeast works easier and/or better than with a sourdough starter, I’ll go about anywhere from 12-18 hours atop the fridge. And then I’ll mak…[Read more]

  • My first post, please forgive me if all over the place.

    Dealing with a nasty illness, it has cost me much, I’m very lucky whom I married and am still am able to walk and talk today. I know that many who deal with this nasty illness, I suffer with MS, I know many who avoid bread and then I also know many who also avoid bread due to the gluten i…[Read more]

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