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It was great to see our friends from Handtmann cookie line at ProcessExpo last week! With all the technology, equipment and demonstrations floating around the expo, one that stood out was “The Journey of the Chocolate Chip Cookie.” We watched as raw ingredients became frozen cookie dough, ready to be shipped out.

Handtmann played a part in this, with their multi-lane forming and cutting line. It extrudes and slices the cookie dough at a rate of 250 cuts a minute!

Step One

Here, you see the raw cookie dough being loaded into the Delfin Mixer so it can be transformed in to cookie-sized shapes:


Step Two

The dough is then lifted with a mechanical arm onto the hopper and cutter. And out the other end comes the sliced and formed chocolate chip cookie dough!


Step Three

Here comes the cookie dough on Handtmann’s Dough Former and Depositor. Depending on the process, the dough could be on its way to the oven. However, this is for frozen cookie dough. So, the cookies are loaded into a Praxair cryogenic freezer.


Step Four

Five minutes later, they have reached the frozen specifications. In the final step, the now frozen cookie dough pieces are boxed up in a System Technology movement system through a Mettler-Toledo metal detector to reject the tainted ones and are then ready to be shipped!

It’s quite a process to churn out frozen cookie dough, but it’s amazing the technology available that gets the job done!