Get the Right Ingredient Solution for Your Bakery Product

You have a unique food or bakery product with needs specific to your business. It’s going to take an equally unique ingredient solution to solve that problem. From fortifying foods with minerals and vitamins to cleaning up labels, ingredient technologies can take your baked goods to the next level. But how do you find a system that works with your formula and in your plant environment?

For small and mid-sized bakeries, here’s a scenario you may be familiar with:

You need a new ingredient solution, so you reach out to a supplier. They send you a sample but it doesn’t work quite right, so you ask for more help. They send you another sample and the process repeats itself.  Next thing you know, months have gone by and your problem is still not solved.  Sound familiar?

As one baker told me recently, “That’s the story of my life.”

So why does this happen? Big bakery ingredient suppliers sell products designed with a “one size fits all” approach.  They service many very large bakeries with large staffs that don’t require a lot of support. Because the suppliers don’t have time to find a solution for every customer, the small and medium sized bakeries end up getting the same products that are designed for the really big bakeries. This reality is especially hard for the small and medium sized bakery in an industry where each product, company and manufacturing environment is so unique.

What if your problem was solved with a product designed specifically for you?

At Delavau Food Partners, we recognize the frustration and cost of the cycle above for finding an ingredient solution. That’s why we start with understanding your problem in detail, and then working backwards to design a product that works within your manufacturing parameters. It starts with a collaborative and transparent conversation with the customer about product goals, time line, cost in use targets and any relevant constraints that need to be accounted for in the design phase. We have developed predictive analytical capabilities that dramatically speed up the development cycle which keeps down costs and delivers samples to customers in very short periods of time.

By using this process, we develop bakery ingredients built to solve your specific problem, in your specific environment at a cost that you’ve communicated to us ahead of time. This means no surprises at the end of the process!

We recognize that each customer has different manufacturing processes, types of equipment (ovens, mixers, blenders), length of time through the process and product goals—which means one-size-fits-all products are often not optimized, either adding more cost or functioning less than they should. Over the years, we’ve built a foundation of knowledge around key functional ingredients that empower us to quickly develop targeted ingredient systems to solve problems unique to small and medium size bakeries.

With deep understanding of ingredients such as:

  • Enzymes
  • Starches
  • Hydrocolloids
  • Proteins
  • Fibers

we can build the best ingredient for you.  Sound complicated?  It’s actually very simple. Just think of us as your local paint store. The colors already exist, we just mix you the perfect hue.

Why is customizing an ingredient solution so important for the bakery industry?

One example of why this approach is needed more than ever: clean label. This trend is picking up steam, and it looks like it’s here to stay. While it may be one of the hottest topics, it’s not the most defined one. Are you looking to clean up part of your label or all of it? Are you going natural or organic? What specific ingredients are you looking to remove? Which ingredients need to stay? And most importantly, what is your cost in use target?

Each bakery or even product line will have different answers. So having a conversation about what goals you have and what your operations can handle is the place to start. And having ingredient solutions that check off all your requirements is how your product will rise above the competition.

Our food lab: Where the magic happens

Located in Piscataway, New Jersey adjacent to the Rutgers University campus, our bakery applications facility has an open door approach to inviting customers to work on their projects with us.  We also understand how busy our customer are, so we’re happy to do the work for you in our facility where we  can make sandwich bread, pan bread, sandwich rolls, flat bread, pitas, tortillas, bagels, pizza and a wide range of sweet goods from muffins and cakes to doughnuts. There’s also a wide range of analytical equipment and capabilities to quantify why our products deliver better results. Here is where we work with you to fine tune your product.

What unique solution are you searching for? Let’s start finding one!