Heartland Mill supplies the baking industry with quality wheat and other grain products.

The Farmer’s Wheat, the Baker’s Flour

Heartland Mill, Inc. is a grower-owned business located in Wichita County, Kansas, that supplies the baking industry with quality wheat and other grain products. Our owners and other suppliers grow a diversity of certified organic crops.

The rich soil and the climate of the High Plains contribute to the production of some of the world’s very best wheat for making bread. We strive to close the distance between High Plains wheat farmers and bakers everywhere, and to contribute in our small way to better life and better bread for farmers, bakers, and everyday bread eaters.

Our Products

You’ll find a wide range of flours for whatever you’re baking at Heartland Mill. All the products are Certified Organic, unless otherwise marked, as well as certified Kosher. Here is a list of what’s available:

  • Unbleached, roller-milled flours: All Purpose Flour, Strong Bread Flour, Baker’s Patent, Heirloom Type 65 flour
  • Stone-Ground Whole Grain Wheat Flours: Whole Wheat Flour, Whole Wheat White Flour, Golden Buffalo, Whole Wheat Pastry Flour
  • Stone Ground High Extraction Flours: This includes Golden Buffalo, Light Rye, and Bolted Turkey Wheat Flour.  To make these partially refined flours, we run whole grain flour or meal over a series of screens to remove the coarser bran particles.
  • Heritage Wheat Flours: Stone Ground Whole Wheat Flour, Bolted Turkey Wheat Flour, Roller-milled Type 65 Turkey Flour.
  • Stone Ground Rye Flours: Whole Rye, Light Rye.  Light Rye is a “bolted” flour.  Heartland Light Rye may be substituted for the more commonly available “medium rye.”
  • Other Flours and Meals:
    • Durum Patent Flour and Semolina
    • Whole Spelt Flour
    • Yellow and Blue Cornmeal
    • Millet Flour
    • Barley Flour
    • Oat products, including Oat flour, Steel Cut Oats, Whole Oat Groats, and a full range of Rolled Oats, from Quick to Old-Fashioned

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More than just flour

When you buy a Heartland Mill product, you are directly supporting organic farms across the high plains. We buy our milling grain from growers in small farm communities who farm organically. When you use Heartland products, you are supporting a network of people who care for the future of the Earth, and for the health of all people and communities.

We are confident that Heartland Mill offers one of the strongest organic grain and grain products programs in the industry. The proof is in Heartland’s products and our customer’s products. We will enjoy welcoming you into a network of people all over the world who are now buying Heartland products—grown and developed from the soil up—to the health-conscious consumer.

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