Create your own signature baked product with premix.

Brought to you by Lallemand Baking

Right now, consumers are looking for food with substance. They want products that tell a story; that create an experience with differentiation.

For bakers, this creates a space to get creative with flavors. It’s also a way to set your brand apart, creating a signature bread or cracker or, well, almost anything.

But how can you do this on a large scale?

With premixes! They deliver consistency and versatility for large scale production across different locations.

For example, look at the EuroPremix® line:

Lallemand Baking launched a range of exciting dry flavor bases that:

  • Provides natural fresh flavor, aroma and color
  • Improves crust and crumb structure in artisan bread
  • Is designed for salty and sweet dough applications
  • Has convenient handling

Learn more about their flavors of premixes!