The D-Carbonator by ChemxWorks.

The D-CARBONATOR® by ChemxWorks is a next generation Heated Soak Tank used in Commercial Kitchens and Bakeries to clean carbon build up and other tough residues. It can cover equipment such as aluminum baking pans, hood filters, baking racks, floor mats and more.

What all does it do?


  • Decarbonizer
  • Degreaser
  • Cleaner
  • Sanitizer
  • Water saver

All without scrubbing!

Here’s how it works

The DECARBONATOR® soaks equipment in a heated solution of water and detergent that is maintained at a constant temperature of 185° F. Because it just soaks, it uses less than 50 gallons of water a month. It also cuts labor time in half.

Clean: The D-CARBONATOR® can clean equipment better than the 3-Compartment sink or Dishwasher, taking care of carbon build up, fats, oils and grease.

Save: With this equipment, your operations will save on chemicals, labor and utilities costs, as well as space and equipment.

Conserve: with it’s sustainable design, you’ll be conserving water, resources and energy. In fact, theD-CARBONATOR® won B.E.S.T. in Baking – Becoming Environmentally Sustainable Together Award for Water saving and Labor saving – for the IBIE 2019 shw.

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