Some of the BAKERpedia team celebrating two years!

Some of the BAKERpedia team celebrating our two years!

Two years ago, armed with nothing but a lifelong passion for baking and a big idea, I launched BAKERpedia.

From past experience running a bakery cafe and setting up the Research & Development (R&D) departments for reputable bakery brands across the country, I found a huge gap in the industry with the lack of easily available technical information — a gap that shouldn’t exist in this day and age, in my opinion.

This made me do my own research and question ‘why not,’ which only drove me to develop the largest online baking encyclopedia with the ultimate aim of becoming the go-to digital resource worldwide for technical baking information.

BAKERpedia Now

Since then, we’ve come a long way. With more than 13 million pages read by baking professionals around the world, BAKERpedia is on track to achieving this objective through sheer determination and hard work and with the help of a dedicated team of credible, talented writers and passionate strategic marketers.

Our fearless, ambitious business development team keep the sponsors coming in which in turn allow us to keep the site free.

But most encouraging of all is the overwhelming support we’ve received from you — fellow entrepreneurs, bakers, manufacturers, suppliers and innovators — telling us this is what the industry needs and is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

BAKERpedia was created for you. We know what it’s like when it’s busy and you need the right information fast so you can get back to the business of baking. We network at industry events to stay on top of your needs and wants.

BAKERpedia team at the American Society of Baking

Our team at the American Society of Baking in Chicago.

Big Plans for the Future

BAKERpedia won’t be slowing down anytime soon. We are expanding to cover more trends and essential topics. This year, we launched The Academy — a collaboration between industry partners and BAKERpedia to offer affordable and comprehensive technical classes. We also have a Technical Services team ready to help you with quick turnarounds for your R&D needs.

Soon, we will offer online classes and a library of guides and ebooks, and will keep finding ways to get you all the information you need for business growth and to enhance industry collaborations. And that is BAKERpedia’s mission — to strengthen the baking ecosystem and encourage the baking industry to share knowledge, taking baking to the next level, encouraging ideas to thrive and improving food production worldwide.

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PS. We aren’t in the business of selling Tees, but so many of you have asked us where you can buy our T-shirts, so we decided to sell them here for a limited time only.