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Rowdy Brixey is a certified professional baker engineer (ASBPBE) with over 37 years of industry experience. In June of 2017, Rowdy started his own company, BEST: Brixey Engineering Strategies & Training. He has been responsible for countless bakery interventions where remediation plans had to be developed and executed to transform the bakery performance and stabilize the leadership strategy. Rowdy has vast experience in building new bakeries, start-ups, as well as deep knowledge of several leading maintenance management systems. Rowdy served as the Chairman of the American Society of Baking (ASB) in 2010 and currently sits on the ASB Hall of Fame Committee Member. Rowdy is the Vice-Chairman of the ANZI Z50 Safety and Sanitation Committee and is part of the BEMA Bakery Industry Forum (BIF). Baking & Snack magazine voted Rowdy the “Rising Star” for 2004.
24 04, 2018

5 Indicators That You Are a Run to Failure


More than ever, food manufacturing plants are struggling to find success with their maintenance effectiveness.  According to a DuPont report, "The largest single controllable expenditure in a plant today is maintenance, and in many plants the maintenance budget exceeds annual net profit."  We are talking maintenance costs which are 12-25% the total cost of goods [...]

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