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Richard J. Starke, Director of Reading Thermal, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology and a Master of Business Administration from St. Joseph’s University. Richard has more than 40 years of professional experience, covering a broad range of leadership positions in electrical engineering, bakery production, business management, and marketing. Before joining Reading Thermal in 2002 Richard held positions as Member of Technical Staff for AT&T Bell Laboratories, and Business Manager for Unique Pretzel Bakery. He also served as President/Owner of Uncle Ernie’s Cookie Company. Richard has presented at the ABA Technical Conference, ASB BakingTech Conference, IBIE Innovation Showcase, and AIB International on subjects related to Energy Transfer in Commercial Baking Ovens, Oven Baking Curves and Baking Process Kill Step Validation. You may contact Richard directly at [email protected]
20 08, 2019

How Do You Document Humidity in Baking?


Brought to you by Reading Thermal Baking products takes more than just heat. From the moment dough is developed and starts the journey through proofers, ovens, and cooling racks, a number of factors come into play: time, temperature, airflow, energy transfer, and humidity. Why do you care about adjusting and documenting humidity? The amount of [...]

How Do You Document Humidity in Baking?2019-08-19T15:20:43-07:00
17 01, 2019

The Power of Food Safety Software for Quality and Safety


The emphasis on food safety has never been higher. It’s a good thing food safety software is making a powerful difference. Thanks to technology, it’s easier than ever to track crucial development stages and log information. Plus, the detailed knowledge is improving the quality of final products. Within the last few years, the food industry [...]

The Power of Food Safety Software for Quality and Safety2019-01-17T16:16:27-07:00