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Ray has worked with countless bakers and ingredients suppliers as well as electronics manufacturing; curing and heat treat customers, helping to solve conveyorized thermal processing quality issues with thermal profiling solutions, online & onsite. Ray studied Engineering and Communications at the University of Washington and has served as Technical Director and currently as BakeWATCH product manager at Electronic Controls Design, Inc. in Portland, Oregon.
24 07, 2019

Final Proofing: A Key Thermal Step


Brought to you by ECD. Just like baking, proofing is a thermal unit operation in the bakery. During proofing, the dough absorbs heat from the humid, warm surroundings to reach a target internal temperature. The final proof accomplishes two major goals: It allows more carbon dioxide to be produced through fermentation. This causes the gluten [...]

Final Proofing: A Key Thermal Step2019-08-07T19:01:06-07:00
25 06, 2019

Baking Better Gluten-free Products


Brought to you by ECD Gluten-free products are currently a major trend in the bakery industry, and will continue to be for years to come. There are two reasons behind this trend: Medical: Gluten intolerances, celiac disease, wheat allergies. Several studies confirm an increase of these health conditions in the population of developed countries in [...]

Baking Better Gluten-free Products2019-07-17T10:17:45-07:00
14 05, 2019

Baking Trends in 2019: High Fiber Bread


Brought to you by ECD Clean label, artisan, sourdough, gluten-free and high fiber breads are some of the products trending in the baking industry. Health and wellness have and continue to be important considerations impacting consumer purchasing decisions. Consumers across the spectrum—millennials, people with digestive conditions, those following a low-calorie diet, parents mindful about children’s [...]

Baking Trends in 2019: High Fiber Bread2019-07-17T10:17:32-07:00
17 04, 2019

Buying a New Oven? Benchmark the Old One First!


One of the major challenges encountered at the bakery when buying and using a new oven is finding the perfect settings that bakes the product exactly the same as the old oven did. Recipe transfer from an old oven to a new one can become a very difficult task for both the equipment supplier and [...]

Buying a New Oven? Benchmark the Old One First!2019-04-17T13:26:05-07:00
26 03, 2019

The Secret to Baking Crackers


What’s the secret to the perfect cracker? These light, crispy products make up a key sector of the baking industry with plenty of room for new innovation, flavors and textures. However, their process is unlike many other baked goods or bakery products. Here’s your guide to commercial cracker production. The basics Crackers are usually made [...]

The Secret to Baking Crackers2019-03-27T08:54:00-07:00
5 03, 2019

Have You Thermal Profiled Your Frozen Dough?


The frozen dough market is growing everyday and becoming more important for bakeries who offer “ready-to-proof” and “ready-to-bake” frozen dough for the production of a wide variety of products like par-baked, artisan bread and laminated products instead of baking from scratch. Freezing operations are key processes for frozen dough and frozen batter manufacturers. Freezing dough [...]

Have You Thermal Profiled Your Frozen Dough?2019-03-05T13:18:42-07:00
19 02, 2019

Bake a Better Clean Label Product


Clean label is a growing and large trend in the baking industry. Consumers, especially younger generations, are looking for original, healthier, simple and more familiar products that create a long-lasting customer adherence. Baking these products requires rethinking ingredients, processes and quality control. Currently, there is no absolute definition for clean label. Instead, the concept implies [...]

Bake a Better Clean Label Product2019-03-12T10:40:09-07:00
5 02, 2019

Optimize Your Product with Thermal Profiling


Product optimization is very important to commercial bakeries. It imparts low scrap rate high-yield quality that improves margins for higher profitability to the business. To optimize bakery products, a clear understanding of the baking process and how it affects the product are key. One way to optimize products is the thermal profiling of the baking [...]

Optimize Your Product with Thermal Profiling2019-02-05T14:43:26-07:00
4 04, 2017

Why Moisture Control Matters


Moisture in the air is measured by relative humidity. All that moisture floating around in your proofer has a purpose. Ideal amounts of it is what helps your product rise properly and prepare for the oven. However, measuring and controlling that moisture is what takes your baking to a whole other level. How [...]

Why Moisture Control Matters2018-12-10T05:23:48-07:00