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Brook Carson is the Vice President of Product Development and Marketing at Manildra Group USA. Brook has a Bachelor’s in bakery science and Master’s in food science from Kansas State University. She has an enthusiastic interest in learning about and understanding ingredient functionality and a knack for helping customers understand how to put those learnings into practice.
5 12, 2017

High Protein in Baked Goods


Clean label. Functional food. Natural products. In the slurry of food buzzwords, these are determined to stay at the top. As food producers and bakers, it’s up to us to juggle these preferences while still making quality products. One ingredient that fits the bill: wheat protein isolates. What are wheat protein isolates? During the wet-processing [...]

High Protein in Baked Goods2018-12-10T05:22:30-07:00
16 05, 2017

What’s the Best Egg Replacer?


It depends what you want it to do or what you’re baking. Do you want to maintain structure? Is it adding emulsification properties? Do you need something to help with volume, binding, or texture? What other ingredient interactions do you have that impact your eggs? Ok, got that. Now what? Now you can pick your type of [...]

What’s the Best Egg Replacer?2018-12-10T05:23:33-07:00
14 03, 2017

Replacing Eggs in Your Baked Goods


The avian flu is a continuing concern and generates a point of uncertainty throughout the food industry. It brings up several questions that marketers and product developers have to ask: what is the benefit of eggs in our formulas? Are alternative ingredients available? How does the avian flu impact consumer perception, decision making, and buying [...]

Replacing Eggs in Your Baked Goods2019-05-08T08:25:16-07:00
3 06, 2016

When You Need Egg Replacers


By Lin Carson Egg replacers mimic the attributes of real eggs in bakery products So, you can’t use eggs on your production line. Maybe you’re producing for the vegan community. Maybe you want a healthier product. Maybe you’re looking for cheaper alternatives. Eggs play such a crucial role in baked goods. They influence volume, texture [...]

When You Need Egg Replacers2018-12-10T05:24:53-07:00
14 04, 2016

Whole Grain Flours and the Gluten Factor


Whole grain wheat flour provides high protein and fiber content to your baked goods You know you want a whole grain flour. But what kind is best for the product you're baking? One option is whole grain wheat flour. It is just what it sounds like - a flour milled from the entire [...]

Whole Grain Flours and the Gluten Factor2018-12-10T05:25:02-07:00