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Bob McGregor is Global Marketing Director at AMETEK Brookfield headquartered in Middleboro MA. Brookfield specializes in providing test measurement instrumentation used by QC and R&D Labs to perform texture analysis, viscosity flow curve characterization and powder flow prediction. The Industry has made Brookfield its first choice for QC tests because of guaranteed instrument accuracy and reliability. Offices in China, England, Germany, India and USA support customers and dealers throughout the world for applications that require our CT3 Texture Analyzers, DV series viscometers, and PFT Powder Flow Testers.
8 05, 2017

Analyzing the Texture of your Products


Crusty exterior with a golden brown color dusted with flour – the inside crumb is chewy with irregular holes, moist but not sticky and offers some resilience when chewed. If this reads like poetry then you are probably a closet foodie, baker, or sensory analyst who pays close attention to the texture of your artisan [...]

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