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Baking has been considered an art form based on traditional techniques passed down from baker to apprentice. Today’s commercial bakeries have specialized equipment, ingredients, and processes that require scientific knowledge with a blend of art. Do your employees understand the function of starch yeast or salt in your formulas?

Paramentier, a French chemist, knew the importance of training bakers for bread making. He was instrumental in founding a school of baking which opened in Paris in 1780.1  Investing in training your bakery employees can be done through AIB’s Certified Bread Specialist Career Path. Our program is a modern twist on traditional methods.

Our new combination of flexible e-learning and instructor-led seminars delivers content in small “bites” that can be taken in and around a normal work schedule with minimal disruption.2  This allows employees to move at their own pace, building skills as they progress. The course is available to the employee for up to 3 years after the initial sign-up. The courses are as follows:2

Prerequisite available online:

  • Baker’s Math and Science

Foundations available online:

  • Function of Ingredients
  • Bread Manufacturing Process
  • Bread Quality
  • Bread Troubleshooting

Application instructor led seminar:

  • Pan Bread Production
  • Pan Bread Problems, Causes, and Corrections

Scaling, mixing, fermentation, and baking have evolved from art to science for commercial bakers. Our Certified Bread Specialist Program will give your employees the tools for success.

Here is a sneak peak of the first module:


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About the Author:

Brian Strouts
Brian Strouts, Vice President, Baking and Food Technical Services, joined AIB in September 1991. Before that, he worked for 11 years in the US baking industry, first for a large wholesale sweet goods producer, and then a private label cookie and cracker manufacturer. Brian held several positions in production, quality assurance, and research and development. His current responsibilities at AIB include coordinating research activities for projects involving all types of bakery products. Projects have included new product formulations, reduced calorie products, testing new ingredients, testing new equipment, and product improvements.

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