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Mono And Diglycerides

Mono and Diglycerides What are Mono and Diglycerides? Mono and diglycerides are surfactants produced by interesterification of fats or oils with glycerol. They are the most commonly used emulsifiers in baked goods, where they perform the following functions:1 Improve loaf volume Create a softer crumb Extend textural shelf-life of buns, cakes and [...]

Mono and Diglycerides Replacement

Mono and Diglycerides Replacement What is Mono and Diglycerides Replacement? Mono and diglycerides replacement means the the substitution of traditional emulsifiers in dough and batter systems, such as: Glycerol monostearate (GMS) Monoglyceride derivatives (DATEM, ethoxylated monoglyceride, succinyl monoglyceride, PGME) Such traditional emulsifiers can be properly replaced by using combinations such as: Enzymes [...]

The Role of Mono and Diglycerides in Baking

These surfactants are the go-to emulsifier for commercial baking. Mono and Diglycerides are glycerol molecules with one or two fatty acids attached via interesterification. The result is a multi-functional ingredient. What do they do in baked goods? Improve loaf volume Create a softer crumb Extend textural shelf-life of cakes and bread Optimize aeration of cake [...]

DATEM Replacement

DATEM Replacement What is a DATEM replacement? Consumers are now more than ever seeking clean label baked products. To combat this challenge, the industry has identified and/or developed other alternatives that can completely replace DATEM in bread production while yielding similar results such as improved loaf volume, fine crumb structure, and dough [...]


Lipase Also known as triacylglycerol acyl-hydrolase, galactolipase or phospholipase What is lipase? Lipase is one type of hydrolytic enzymes responsible for degrading or modifying nonpolar (e.g. triglycerides) and polar lipids (e.g. galactolipids and phospholipids) found in both animal and plant sources. Lipase is a clean label ingredient, considered as a processing aid. [...]

Mineral Oil

Mineral Oil Also known as liquid paraffin, food grade mineral oil, or white mineral oil What is Mineral Oil? Mineral oil is a common ingredient with a variety of uses. It has applications in the baking industry, as well as industrially, medically, and in cosmetic products. Food grade mineral oil is safe [...]


Risograph What is a Risograph? The risograph is a yeast activity testing instrument that studies dough development and gas release during a proofing process. It measures the production of gas by yeast during fermentation and the maximum height reached by dough while recording the total gas released during proofing. The risograph helps [...]


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