Baking Technology

The Patented Breadometer® for Dough Analysis 

Basic features and benefits of the Breadometer® probe sensor from BakeWATCH® for use in the commercial baking industry. Breadometer® provides in-depth dough goods analysis  in a patented, portable and affordable system complete with software. Learn more at

Revolutionary Technology From Rapidojet

Rapidojet will cleanly and cheaply increase the shelf life, volume and flavor of your baked products, while reducing production costs. Hydrate your whole wheat, bran or other grains at 250% and 3,000 kg. / hr. Learn more at

The Rapidojet Technology Mixing Masa

Rapidojet is shown here hydrating masa flour. This method of mixing will decrease mixing time and labor costs, while increasing sanitation and product quality. Learn more at

Rapidojet Helps with Sprouting Grains

Re-think the way you sprout grains. Hydrating the grains first with Rapidojet technology increases sprouting volume. Learn more at

Rapidojet Improves Bran Hydration

Rapidojet instantly hydrates bran at 300%. No more soaking bran for hours! Learn more at

Rapidojet Improves Gluten Hydration

Why is gluten hydration so important? And what does full-hydrated gluten do to a product? Learn more at