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Science of Commercial Bread Baking


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April 4, 2018

by Dr. Lin Carson and Dr. Gary Hou

Looking to hone your baking skills? This is a high paced course like no other in the industry. We know that you can’t abandon your job responsibilities for too long. Therefore, we have created a intensive technical day that will polish up your baking skills. We have packed it with so much information in a short amount of time, that we will need to work through lunch, between the classroom and the lab. You will be given a toolbox full of knowledge to utilize when you get back to work. Whether you’re a foreman, or a QA supervisor, this quick one day course will enhance your job skill and get you ready for the challenges that comes with your position.

20 in stock

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Product Description

Who should attend?

  • Production Line Leads/Supervisors/Forman
  • QA Supervisors/Managers
  • Technical Support Personnel
  • Research & Development Personnel
  • Anyone problem solving with fermented dough on a high speed line

Course Schedule

I. Fundamentals of Ingredients (9-10 am)

  • Discuss the importance of flour and gluten
  • Understand the role of water and water absorption
  • What are the other functional ingredients?
    • Salt
    • Yeast
    • Dough conditioners
    • Mold Inhibitors
    • Sweeteners
    • Whole grains/other flours
  • Why are minor ingredients important?
    • Malt
    • Milk
    • Whey
    • Buttermilk
    • Flavors
    • Colors

II. Fermentation Process (10-11 am)

  • Understand the different fermentation systems
  • Sponge
  • Biga
  • Poolish
  • Sourdough
  • Flour Brew
  • Water Brew
  • How to monitor your fermentation proccess
    • pH
    • TTA
  • Lab – create a sponge, flour brew, and water brew and monitor for pH/TTA

III. Mixing Process (11-12 pm)

  • How to determine water absorption
    • COAs
    • Farinograph
  • What is Gluten hydration and gluten development?
  • Are the hydration of other ingredients important?
  • Lab: Mix a straight dough vs sponge. See the difference in mixing time and temperature

IV. Intermediary Processes (12-12.30 pm)

  • The importance of dough conditioners and proper mixing/hydration
  • Dough conveying, dough pumps, dough dumps
  • Intermediate proofer
  • Sheeter/molder
  • Water scoring/toppings
  • Lab: Scaling, dividing, rounding, sheeting, molding, topping treatments

Working Lunch (12.30-1  pm)

V. Final Proof (1-1.30 pm)

  • What does temperature and relative humidity (RH) do?
  • Importance of the right temperature and RH combination
  • Monitoring your proofing process
  • Lab: Final Proof

VI. Baking (1.30-2 pm)

  • Difference between direct and indirect fired ovens.
  • Function of baking pans
  • Understanding the S curve on your thermal profile
  • Understand zone manipulations
  • How to stop oven spring
  • How to delay staling
  • How to manipulate the color
  • Lab – study the thermal profile of bread baking in the oven

VII. Cooling (2-2.30 pm)

  • The function of cooling bread
  • Structure
  • Slicing
  • Mold
  • Slicing requirements
  • Packaging requirements
  • Lab – slice and package bread of different internal temperatures.

VIII. Quality (2.30-3 pm)

  • How to create a score card.
  • How to quantify texture and color.

IX. Q&A (3-4 pm)

  • When Farinograph parameters look unusual
  • Common pan bread issues
  • Common bun and roll issues
  • Other common problems like mottled skin, blisters, white corners, sloped crowns.


Dr. Lin Carson, BAKERpedia

Dr. Lin Carson

Dr. Lin Carson

The inability to get technical problems solved on the internet has led Dr. Lin Carson, CEO of BAKERpedia, to her goal of building the world’s biggest baking encyclopedia. Dr. Carson is a bakery expert-in-residence blogger for the Food Process Suppliers Association, and a regular speaker and contributing member of the American Society of Baking.

A graduate of Kansas State University and Ohio State University, Dr. Carson has over 20 years in the baking and food industry, building technical service teams and programs. With past experiences at Wendy’s Int’l and Dave’s Killer Bread, Dr. Carson is now helping commercial bakers across the world streamline their quality processes to minimize waste and increase efficiencies. The Academy, which conducts the Science of Commercial Baking, is a hands-on learning experience at BAKERpedia, for everyone associated with the baking industry.


Gary WouDr. Gary Hou

Dr. Gary Hou has conducted research projects on cereal products, and has presented numerous times at AACCI and IFT. He has authored or co-authored and published more than 20 refereed research papers. With over 21 years at the Wheat Marketing Center, he is an expert consultant to the U.S. Wheat Associates and provided technical support and trainings to flour milling and food processing companies in over 30 countries. As a course director, he has taught subjects like “Asian Noodle Technology,” “Whole Wheat Flour Product Development,” “Flat Bread and Flour Tortilla Technology,” “Artisan Bread Baking,” “Cookie and Cracker Technology” and “Frozen Dough Technology” to over 800 participants from over 20 countries.


Held at the

wheat marketing center

Located at: 1200 NW Naito Parkway, Suite #230, Portland, OR 97209


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