Rough puff pastry requires less time and attention than regular puff pastries.

Rough Puff Pastry

What is a Rough Puff Pastry?

Rough puff pastry is an adaptation of traditional puff pastry that is quicker and easier to make than regular puff pastry. Rough puff pastry has a similar flaky texture as puff pastry, but the layers are not as uniform, and it is impossible to achieve the same number of layers as puff pastry. The basic ingredients are flour, water, salt, and fat. Typically chefs use butter, though lard and shortening can also be used. Lard gives a superior texture, but does not add much flavor. Butter gives the best flavor, but lacks texture. As a result, many chefs mix butter and lard.


Making a rough puff pastry is similar to other pastry dough in that it is sensitive to over mixing, and temperature is critical. If over mixed, the butter will incorporate too fully into the dough, and layers will not form. Temperature is also important, and the dough should not exceed 16 ℃ (60 ℉). To make rough crust pastry, flour, water, salt and butter are all mixed together. Unlike puff pastry, butter is not added in individual layers throughout the process. The dough is mixed loosely and then rolled out. This leads to streaks of butter throughout the dough, but with the water being fully mixed in. the dough is then folded like puff pastry and rolled out. It is then recommended to chill the dough. This process is typically repeated several times to form more and more layers. However, the layers are not uniform, and connect in places because the butter is not laid out in a single sheet. The resulting product is flaky dough that is commonly used in pies, quiches, and turnovers. It is similar to rough crust pastry dough, but more flaky like a puff pastry. It serves as a good hybrid dough if chefs do not want to put in the time to make puff pastry, but do want a flakier than average dough. This process is also similar to making flaky dough, but mixes everything in one step, where as flaky dough use rough crust pastry dough and adds a layer of grated butter in between being rolled out.