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flour preferment

Flour preferment is among the various dough systems.

Comparison of Dough Systems

This is a summary and comparison of the various dough systems featured in our e-handbook, DOUGH SYSTEMS, by Lin Carson, PhD., BAKERpedia Founder.

We’ll review the advantages and disadvantages of sponge and dough, straight dough, flour preferments, water preferments and the remix method.

Sponge Flour Preferment Water Preferment Straight Dough
Flavor deep flavorful aroma some flavor aroma shallow, yeasty aroma no aroma
Crumb artisan style large holes uniform small holes uniform small holes uniform tight crumb
Mixing time compared to straight dough least less less longest
Ease to machine compared to straight dough easiest to machine easy to machine difficult difficult
Versatility in product variation on the same line most versatile not versatile not versatile not versatile
Sanitation ease medium difficult medium easy
Sanitation method manual CIP CIP manual
Dough conditioner use low medium high high
Change in dough temperature after mixing little little high highest
Initial capital investment  high high medium low
Extra floor space requirement  large medium small none
Labor cost high medium medium low
Processing time (start to end) very long long medium short
Accommodate last minute change overs  more difficult more difficult difficult easy

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