Palsgaard developed the world´s first commercial emulsifier a century ago and we have not stopped inventing since. Using our R&D labs and application centers around the world, we not only develop new emulsifiers or emulsifier/stabilizer solutions, we also help food manufacturers make the most of them in their products within: Bakery, Confectionery, Ice cream, Margarine, Mayonnaise & Dressings.

Sustainability has been at the heart of Palsgaard’s strategy since its creation. Palsgaard holds Roundtable on Sustainable Pam Oil (RSPO) Supply Chain Certificates on Mass Balance and Segregated levels, enabling it to provide a wide range of sustainable solutions to meet its customers’ needs. By partnering with Palsgaard, food manufacturers can meet demands for a sustainable business model on palm oil sourcing and at the same time benefit from Palsgaard’s experience with the RSPO system. The company gladly shares information on RSPO Supply Chain Certification Standard (SCCS).

Being a cake mix producer has never been so difficult. Consumer demands for new or improved products need to be balanced against constant economic challenges. And the competitive race is on to supply, for example, gluten or egg free, low fat or zero trans-fat recipes. That’s why so many world-class companies choose Palsgaard.

We recognize that easy preparation, consistent performance, and trustworthy declarations are of paramount importance and we can help you achieve these aims with lower costs and easy handling.


Emulpals is an activated cake emulsifier to significantly improve the crumb structure increase volume, reduce whipping time and the make-up steps in cakes.

Emulpals is a unique, uniform performance in all types of cake mixes and a minimum of two years of optimal functional shelf-life which would secure a uniform and long functionality in the cake mixes, leading to satisfied end-users

Emulpals also is a fast and efficient product with high tolerance to difficult ingredients such as eggs, egg powder, cocoa, and oil. In other words, very versatile and robust emulsifier that minimizes the variability of ingredients in formulation and standardizes the final product.

Emulpals composition open the possibility to create cakes with:

  • All in one cake making method.
  • Non-PHO and cake production with healthier fats by using oil, thus healthier cakes.
  • Non-GMO
  • Cost savings.
  • Leaner labelling.
  • Sustainable emulsifier.

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