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Potassium sorbate is used in baking to inhibit the growth of mold, yeast, and microbes.

Potassium Sorbate

What is Potassium Sorbate?

A mild food preservative commonly used in the baking industry.


Potassium sorbate is produced by combining potassium hydroxide and sorbic acid to create a potassium salt.


The main function of potassium sorbate is to inhibit the growth of mold, yeast, and microbes, in turn increasing shelf life of food products.


Because of the effect of potassium sorbate on yeast cells, the food preservative is not suitable for bread baking.  Though it is typically utilized in chemically-leavened products (dry blended with the flour) at a level of 0.03% to 0.4% of the batter weight.