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Pea protein is used as a protein additive or substitute in the baking industry, especially pasta production.

Pea Protein

What is Pea Protein?

Pea protein is a light, fluffy, slightly sweet protein powder derived from various species of the pea bean.


Pea protein is derived, and can be extracted from, any species of pea bean.


It is used as a protein additive or substitute for like products.


In the pasta industry, pea protein is often utilized in pasta production. For instance, pea protein can be blended with hard wheat varieties to create pasta yielding a greater protein content, as well as an overall higher quality product for consumption. The addition of pea protein alters final product attributes of pasta in that a desirable golden color is achieved, cooking time is reduced, and texture, as well as mouth bite, remains favorable when compared to standard varieties.

Non-fat dry milk powder can be substituted with pea protein in biscuit production, creating a more yellow-tinted crumb grain and overall biscuit appearance, in addition to a dense and low-volume biscuit. Biscuits produced with pea protein also exhibit an undesirable aroma and taste when compared to a control biscuit.

Pea protein can also be used as an allergen free egg-wash to shine up baked goods.