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invert sugar syrup

Invert sugar is a syrup which is much sweeter than sucrose.

Invert Sugar

Also Known as Invert Syrup

What is Invert Sugar?

Invert sugar is much sweeter than sucrose (granulated sugar) and is created by splitting sucrose into two equal parts, glucose and fructose. Products made with invert sugar tend to be more moist and are less prone to crystallization. Unlike typical sucrose, invert sugar is a syrup.


The syrup is similar to honey as they are both formed from the two monosaccharides, fructose and glucose.


There are many benefits and reasons one might choose invert sugar over other sweetener options.

1)Cost effective: Due to the more intense sweetness, in some cases as low as 20% carbohydrate sweetener can be used to give the same profile.

2)Shelf life extender: The sugar is especially beneficial in low-fat or fat-free products that can become drier quicker. It keeps foods moister and fresher for a greater length of time.

3)Minimizes crystallization: Invert sugar keeps icings and fondants stable, soft and smooth for longer.

4)Preservation: Because of its water activity levels, it inhibits microbial growth in food products. Sucrose is the starting point for producing invert sugar.


The process starts with adding water to granulated sugar as well as some form of acid, such as citric or tartaric. The mixture is then heated, allowing the sugar to split into its fructose and glucose molecules. This process also occurs naturally in maple syrup (in the sap in maple trees) which is desired for its smooth consistency. New methods of producing invert sugar have been developed using yeast enzymes.

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  1. Singh January 10, 2017 at 11:36 am - Reply

    Now a days for commercial production on Inverted sugar syrup Hydrochloric acid is used and then neutralized by Sodium hydoxide solution.

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