chef kneading bread dough

Inactivated yeast is added to baked goods to enhance the nutrition profile, and to bread dough to reduce mix time.

Inactivated Yeast

Also Known As Deactivated Yeast

What is Inactivated Yeast?

Inactivated yeast is an all-natural ingredient that reduces mix times and creates a more extensible dough with improved pan flow. Inactivated yeast is yeast that is no longer living (active) and cannot produce the effects of live yeast, like fermentation.


Derived from yeast.


Source of cheese-type flavor, protein and vitamins. Also has the effect of a reducing agent by providing the peptide glutathione, which helps break down the gluten matrix and reduce mix times.


Amino acids (glutathione) and B Vitamins


Add to baked goods to enhance nutrition profile. Add to bread doughs at 0.3% to reduce mix time.


Good source of protein and B-Vitamins