whipped cream on wisk

Cream is a dairy product that can be whipped for frosting cakes.


What is Cream?

Cream is a dairy product created by skimming the top of milk —the layer high in butter fat— prior to homogenization. Butter fat content determines the properties of the cream at hand. A cream high in butter fat exhibits a better handling capability due to the fact the curdling is less prevalent, not to mention a cream high in butter fat exhibits better flavor and a richer texture.

Cream is most often labeled by the term pasteurized or ultra-pasteurized. Pasteurization of cream affects functionality in that pasteurized cream is known to have better flavor and whip up with greater fluff. Ultra-pasteurized cream, on the other hand, is more temperamental per se, and is more sensitive to whipping. Consequently, ultra-pasteurized cream would not be ideal for recipes requiring peaks or frothing. Though one benefit of ultra-pasteurized cream is the extended shelf life.