cocoa butter solids

Cocoa butter is made from the fatty portion of the cocoa bean.

Cocoa Butter

 What is Cocoa Butter?

Cocoa butter is a product used in a variety of industries that is made from the cocoa plant. The butter is a pale yellow vegetable oil made from cocoa beans. To make cocoa butter, cocoa beans are harvested and dried or fermented.

After this, the beans are roasted and sent through a grinder that separates the hulls of the cocoa beans. Finally, these skinned cocoa beans are milled into two different by-products: cocoa nibs and cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is simply the fatty portion of the cocoa bean, which is 54-58% of the bean.

Cocoa butter is one of the stable fats in the world, giving it a variety of uses in chocolate confections, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. A unique property of cocoa butter is that it is solid at room temperature, but melts at 34-38˚C, or 93-100˚F, which is below the temperature of the human body. This is why chocolate melts in your mouth. Cocoa butter is high in saturated fat, 57-64%, and has a shelf life of two to five years, depending on storage methods. It is naturally free of theobromine and caffeine, unlike the rest of the cocoa bean, so it is unusual to have any allergen to cocoa butter. It is high in antioxidants and has a smooth and creamy texture. This texture, along with natural moisturizing properties, makes cocoa butter used widely in the cosmetic industry. The most common use of cocoa butter is in milk chocolate and white chocolate.