buckwheat seeds

Buckwheat flour is a gluten-free alternative to wheat flour.

Buckwheat Flour

What is Buckwheat Flour?

Buckwheat flour is a brown to dark-brown powder made by grinding the buckwheat fruit (seed). It has no relation to wheat, and is gluten-free.


China is the main producer of Buckwheat.


Buckwheat is mainly used for its carbohydrate function and a non-gluten flour. It is high in essential amino acids, and fiber.


71% carbohydrate, 12% protein, 11% moisture, 7% fiber, 3% fat


Blend with wheat flour, maximum usage of 40% of wheat flour levels, to prevent undesired flavor and texture. Use in tortillas, bread, cakes, cookies, pancakes.

For gluten-free products, blend buckwheat flour with other gluten-free flours (i.e. rice, sorghum).


High in protein, fiber and amino acids. Gluten-free.